Profile & History

SuperBowl has a long history that began with the establishment of Hiap Hoe & Co Pte Ltd in the 1950s. The company had its roots as a construction company which later diversified its interests into property development and investment.

In 1987, recognizing that Singaporeans' increased affluence had led to a higher demand for sophisticated recreational facilities, the Hiap Hoe Group grasp the opportunity by moving into the development and management of integrated sports and recreation complexes. Subsequently with the establishment of the pioneer SuperBowl Complex and SuperBowl at Marina South, the SuperBowl Group of companies was born.

“SuperBowl is the clear leader in the region with 
its concept of an integrated complex.”

The Company was incorporated on 3 May 1994 as a private company limited by shares under the name SuperBowl Holdings Pte Ltd to acquire all the leisure subsidiaries of the Hiap Hoe Group. SuperBowl Holdings Limited is South-East Asia's leading provider of indoor sports and recreation facilities. Together with its subsidiaries, SuperBowl Jurong, SuperBowl Development, SuperBowl Management and Super Funworld, it forms the sports and leisure arm of the Hiap Hoe Group of Companies.

For more than 25 years, the name SuperBowl has been synonymous with the sport of bowling, providing healthy recreation for young and old, and giving birth to champions along the way. While there are several competitors in each type of sports or recreational facility offered, SuperBowl is the clear leader in the region with its concept of an integrated complex; complete with Supercue, Super Funworld, food and beverage facilities, and membership scheme.

As our success grew, so did our field of vision and aspiration to achieve even more. We were emboldened to strike out in new directions, driving our stake into the promising property and hospitality market. We have played well this far to put ourselves up on the podium. Today, we are a richly diverse group of companies still driven by our original mission to bring greater joy and quality to people’s lives.